Get On Point - Paperback Book


Paperback Book – Get On Point – 8 Week Total Body Transformation Program

The Step by Step Fitness Transformation Guide, for creating drastic changes to your body in record time while exercising at home or in a gym.

“GET ON POINT contains the principles that I used to make a rapid transformation in my body at 43 years of age; while exercising in my garage with my two daughters; working 12 hour shifts in a hospital and managing a side business.

If I can GET ON POINT again, so can YOU.”


Each week and day of this program is strategically designed to stress multiple body systems in a variety of pathways, in a very organized and specific sequence. Resulting in continued adaptations and progress in response to the stresses applied. This program starts out with easy tasks, along with weekly adjustments that should also be very easy to accomplish. Over time these small changes and successful accomplishments translate to large changes in overall progress. GET ON POINT contains: A Diet and exercise program with adjustment guidelines, nutrition journal, training log, progress assessment and goal setting journal.

GET ON POINT is an effective step by step program with nutrition and training guidelines that have been effectively used by bodybuilders to create drastic fat loss and muscular gains in a short period of time.

“Maybe you can relate……I used to be in such great shape. I had a lean muscular body that was strong and full of energy….. Somewhere I lost myself with all the struggles of life. I got side tracked responding to various things and I guess somewhere I just lost focus on my own fitness level and became accustomed and content with this so-called “Dad Bod”.

Something snapped and I decided to GET ON POINT. Having spent a large portion of my life as a competitive bodybuilder; I jumped right back to the principles that have always worked for myself and other competitors I coached. GET ON POINT is the program and principles I used to transform this 43 year old dad bod back into a rad bod; And you can too!” – JEREMY WILLIAMS –

Author Jeremy Williams

If you don’t have access to a  gym or exercise equipment at your house, don’t worry. You can utilize the guidelines from my book “Get On Point”, and workout at home with these exercise bands. I will provide you with a workout program for the bands with an exercise demonstration library.

Personal Remote Fitness Coach:

“Get On Point”

8 Week Transformation Challenge Program Coaching

Your personal remote coach, Jeremy Williams.

  1. Proven results
  2. Optimize Accountability
  3. Overcome expected and unexpected obstacles of a busy life.
  • Men and women
  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Build muscle
  • Burn fa

What You’re Gonna Get…

  1. 8 week customized meal plan to suit your goals and dietary requirements (with weekly personalized adjustments)
  2. 8 week customizable exercise program to fit your needs/abilities and designed for fast results (with weekly personalized adjustments)
  3. Gym/Home Workouts
  4. Supplement guide
  5. “Set Yourself Up For Success” Training Video and PDF Outline Download
  6. 8 week program membership – Online training module access
  7. Step by step photo instructions for every workout
  8. Video demonstration of every workout
  9. Personal Assessment / Evaluation
  10. Weekly Check-ins / Accountability / progress report / adjustments via email, phone, or video chat
  11. Weekly email updates
  12. Private Facebook support  group access
  13. Overcoming Obstacles Masterclass Training Video
  14. 1 on 1 messaging with me (text / email /phone support)
  15. Weekly group video check in
  • One time payment of $197 for the entire 8 weeks

How to Join.

  • Step 1 Purchase program via and you will receive a questionnaire shortly after.
  • Step 2 Reply to the questionnaire so I can personalize your plan
  • Step 3 You will receive your customized plan within 3 days

I like to start off the beginning of my Transformation with the 

Phase One Kit – Cleanse, Detox, Probiotic, Digestive Enzymes, Chlorella,  and Protein Powders by Altered Image Supplements.

This Phase 1 Kit (cleanse / detox plus) Includes the following 7 Products:

  1. AIS Max Detox – Açaí Berry Complex – Healthy Colon Function – Boosts Immune Response – Anti Aging Properties
  2. AIS Colon Sweep -Promotes healthy colon, helps reduce toxins, promotes regularity
  3. AIS Chlorella, Immune system booster, detoxifying agent, helps with fatigue
  4. AIS Probiotic 40, 40 Billion CFU’s per 2 caps, Supports digestive system, maintain strong immunity
  5. AIS Digestive Enzyme-Improves Digestive Health-Supports Healthy Digestion-Enhance Nutrition Absorption
  6. Gourmet Blend (Chocolate) – Protein Powder Blend – 2 Pounds – Promotes Lean Muscle & Strength – Supports Recovery – Mixes & Tastes Great
  7. Gourmet Blend (Vanilla) – Protein Powder Blend – 2 Pounds – Promotes Lean Muscle & Strength – Supports Recovery – Mixes & Tastes Great